Type alias OCSPStatusResponse

OCSPStatusResponse: {
    nextUpdate?: Date;
    ocspUrl: string;
    producedAt?: Date;
    revocationReason?: OCSPRevocationReason;
    revocationTime?: Date;
    status: "good" | "revoked" | "unknown";
    thisUpdate?: Date;

Type declaration

  • Optional nextUpdate?: Date

    The time at or before which newer information will be available about the status of the certificate.

  • ocspUrl: string

    The OCSP responder URL

  • Optional producedAt?: Date

    The time at which the response was produced.

  • Optional revocationReason?: OCSPRevocationReason

    The revocation reason. Only available if the status is 'revoked' and the OCSP response contains a revocation reason.

  • Optional revocationTime?: Date

    Time when the certificate was revoked. Only and not always available if the status is 'revoked'.

  • status: "good" | "revoked" | "unknown"

    Revocation status of the certificate

  • Optional thisUpdate?: Date

    The most recent time at which the status being indicated is known by the responder to have been correct.

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